Andy LeCureaux Hazel Park City Council Member


 "Mike's energy and enthusiasm for Hazel Park, I believe makes him the right person to work with me and the council to keep the city's positive momentum going." 

Alissa Sullivan, Hazel Park City Council Member


 "As a newer resident, I was excited to see how involved Mike has become - his love for our city and it's future are evident. He has great new ideas and an ability to really make things happen. I can't way to see how much he can accomplish once elected!"

Mike Wilds, Owner of the House of Shamrocks


 "Mike loves this city. He has shown a commitment to not only its residents, but its businesses through his role on the Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Hazel Park initiative. A thriving economy is essential to keep our small town feel and provide local opportunities to residents. That's why I'm supporting Mike McFall for Hazel Park City Council." 

Robert Wittenberg, State Representative Michigan's 27th House District


 "Mike has been working hard to keep the momentum going in Hazel Park. His passion for the city and fresh perspective are exactly what the city needs. I am proud to support Mike for Hazel Park City Council!"